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PL Guage inTec
(Optimum injection pressure check meter)

Optimum injection pressure check meterPAT.P

Do you apply in molding with very small gap (0.005 to 0.02 mm) between PL surface of both mold halves.
The opening make help to escape through PL surface air in cavity or gas including molten resin.
Minimum injection pressure : You are available minimum clamping tonnage.
To extend the life of mold and injection machine.
To decrease electric power cost.
To decrease warppage by residual stress in molding.
To decrease maintenance work for removing contamination of mold by gas.
The guage offers compressed parameter control in injection/compresion molding
To check distortion of mold in molding
I. Hold the sensor end of the mobile part of the guage and install the fixed part of the guage on the side surface of the mobile part of the mold so that it does not interfere with the fixed part of the mold.
II. Ascertain that the pointer is operated by sliding contact of the sensor with the side surface of the fixed part of the mold when closed.
III. Match the calibrated ring with the pointer when closed.

Injection pressure and closing pressure are perfectly established when the pointer shows delicate movements during the molding operation and injection pressure cannot be reduced.
When the pointer does not operate, reduce closing pressure with repeated molding operations until the pointer starts to operate. (Optimum workload varies depending on the material used.) Then reduce injection pressure until the pointer becomes still. Repeat this operation in parallel with quality inspection.

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