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Color/Material Changer
"Short Time"

Color/Material ChangerPAT.P

The machine enables the exchange operation by applying pressure to the back and to the inside of the injection cylinder.
It reduces the time needed to exchange materials by 50 to 70%.
It reduces the amount of material to be changed by 50 to 70%.
It reduces the cost of treating waste materials.
It eliminates the necessity for purge materials.
I. Fit the convex part of the "color/material changer" to the radius of the die nozzle, and move the injection nozzle forward until it reaches an appropriate position.
II. Adjust the length of the color changer by rotating one of its ends, so that it can be installed between the die and nozzle.
III. Turn the slit down and fasten the nut.
IV. Move the injection nozzle forward and fix the "color/material changer".
V. Repeat the operations of full-stroke measure and injection pressure from the back. Material remaining within the slit is discharged by the subsequent shot.
10 R Type for 155 - 195 mm : 23,000 Yen
15 R Type for 180 - 245 mm : 28,000 Yen
20 R Type for 205 - 295 mm : 33,000 Yen

This product was developed on the basis of a proposal made by Idea Studio, therefore 7% of sales will be paid to Idea Studio.

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