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Gate Cut Unit in Mold

Creative Gate Cutting System by rotational motion
In the system the steel ball on the St-pin is combined with side spiral groove of the cutting unit and makes rotate by trasmuting mold opening operation.
Fine Cutting Surface
Gate Cutting Unit is machined runner and gate, allows to cut with holding molded part in cavity without separation of PL surface.
No Inapplicable Resin
Apply narrow width gate (within 1mm) to soft resin such as elastomer and wide width gate (to about 1.5mm) to hard resin such as reinforcement resin, and depth of gate, however, should be adjusted by molding condition.
Excellent Cost Performance
Producing 50,000 shots by 4 molds with each four cavities in a month, you would be get saving money of 20 Million Yen in a year.

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