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Conical screw BeVeL
A : Material inlet
B : Bevel screw
C : Stroke cylinder
D : Plunger
E : Barrel
F : Heater
E : Thermal sensor
Outline of Operation
I. Material inserted from the inlet is fed with the feeding wing of the rotating bevel screw. After that, the material is flown into the stroke cylinder, increasing the mixture and compression.
II. The flow rate and mixture rate are controlled by the clearance between the barrel and the stroke cylinder. (Mixture controlling function)
III. Measuring is securely controlled with the return amount of plunger detected by a potention meter. (Measuring control)
IV. The stroke cylinder moves forward after measuring and blocks the gap to the barrel to prevent material leak. (Reverse flow prevention ringless)
V. The plunger moves forward up to the point where the plunger contacts with the barrel, so that the material within the stroke cylinder is fully discharged. (Injection of specified amount of material)

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