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(Stroke Gas Vents)
Ty Strong

Stroke Gas Vents

Stroke gas vents which operate by reacting to negative pressure of flow-in resin. Ty strong discharges air and generated gas within a die from approx 5.49 mm2 space only by injection pressure. The stroke valve which forms the said discharge space closes the space by reacting to the flow-in pressure of resin.
Molding conditions are controlled by Molding Injection Machine.      
I. High speed low pressure molding and low speed low pressure molding are possible.
II. Injection pressure and die-tightening pressure can be reduced.
III. Consumed power can be reduced.
IV. Life time of dies and Molding Injection Machine can be elongated.
Weld line can be reduced.  
I. Appearance and strength are improved.
Deformation and warp by injection stress can be prevented.
Quality is controlled by the amount of discharged gas.
I. Insert multiple stroke vents in places where air and generated gas form resin stay within a die, penetrating from the bottom of wall thickness and sleghtly projecting the tips of the vents. The stroke valve sinks by 0.5mm where resin flows in.
II. Clean the discharge passage and make tar cleaning regularly.

This product was developed on the basis of a proposal made by Idea Studio, therefore 7% of sales will be paid to Idea Studio.

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