is pursuing new developed products by practice of mould construction and mould making technician.

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Shinko Sellbic Collection of Products and Technical Developments we have developed as of today includes more than 40 items. Now we are going to introduce them here. Some of them have been already put here.
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Shinko Sellbic Collection No. 38

Precision Prototying Process
by Injection welding/Milling

How wonderful, if the plastic or metallic products can be produced without molding tool dies or forming machines ! We have had such dreamy theme. Now we have achieved the dreamy process which makes precise products through repeated material supply and working.

Shinko Sellbic Collection No. 1
The development of our Unit Mold COMMAND SYSTEM would help manufactures to eliminate almost all of their problems such as, distribution problem, manufacturing problem, customs, custom formality, etc.

Shinko Sellbic Collection No. 23
BeVeL Screw Injection Machine
Shinko Sellbic Collection No. 20
Conical Screw BeVeL

Outline of BeVeL Screw operation by Animated gif

Shinko Sellbic Collection No. 25
Small Injection Unit

Further information is HERE.

Shinko Sellbic Collection No. 32
Flying Press

Outline of Flying Press by Animated gif


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